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Pamper and Invigorate Your Skin with Natural Bathing Products


A vast majority of modern day bathing products such as soaps and shampoos, including those that are used for infants, contain heavy traces of chemicals that can cause damage to the human body’s internal organs such as liver and kidneys. A chemical known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS is the main culprit behind this and research has shown that it even has the ability to affect the reproductive system.

Faced with the risk of being exposed to such dangers due to the use of chemical based bathing products, most consumers have now woken up to the benefits of natural bathing products that are not only cost effective but also widely recommended by doctors as well. So let us take a look at a few of them now:

  • Natural bath salts Bath salts made from natural ingredients can be used as a replacement for soap for your everyday bathing needs. It is sold in popular organic body shops and you can even prepare it at home in a few simple steps. All you need is a small quantity of Epsom, a couple of drops of your favorite organic oil (jojoba or almond) followed by a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil (rosemary or jasmine). Mix all of these together in a bowl and store it in an air-tight container.
  • Natural Shampoo You can easily find the steps in the internet to prepare a completely chemical free shampoo from homemade ingredients. Some of the ingredients that go into making an organic shampoo include the likes of coconut milk, essential oils, liquid Castile soap and Vitamin E oil. Such organic shampoos have a shelf life of more than a month if used and preserved in the correct manner. It would be advisable to prepare them in small quantities at first so that you can determine how much your weekly usage is. Based on that, you can go ahead and create bulk quantities to last you for a month or so.
  • Natural Bath Scrubs Organic bath scrubs can be made from a wide range of ingredients ranging from lemons to lilac oils. They can be conjured up in a jiffy and work great for hot and humid summers and prevent your skin from getting damaged when exposed to sunlight. One of the main ingredients of organic bath scrubs always tends to be sugar because it gives the coarse texture to the scrub that helps to open up the pores on your skin and exfoliates it. Hence, the buildup of dead skin cells is eliminated.
  • Natural Body Lotion A body lotion can be of great use to you if you want to retain the moisture in your skin and not allow it to get dry. To create your own natural body lotion, just add a small quantity of glycerin to a cup filled one-third with orange flower water. Whisk the mixture till they are combined together and store it in a humidity free place. Apply this lotion before you step out into the sun or after your bath.

Make You and Your Feet Very Happy


Happy Feet Gift Luxus For You

When it comes to beauty, people usually give a lot of attention towards taking care of their face, their hair, and their skin. Not many really put a high priority on taking care of their feet, which is quite unfortunate because our feet deserve nothing but the best kind of care that we can give.

Taking care of your feet and keeping them beautiful is not that difficult. All you need is the Happy Feet Gift Bag fromSoap Workshop, which contains all the products that you need to have gorgeous and happy feet. The pack contains a foot cream that will keep the skin of your feet soft and smooth, and a special handmade soap that will make your feet feel so pampered. These products will not only keep your feet clean and fresh but also soothes your feet from the stress and tension that they experience day after day.

If you purchase the Happy Feet Gift Bag, you won’t have to get confused trying to figure out which soap and foot cream will work well with each other because the choice has already been made for you. All you have to do is use the products on your feet every single day and you will soon have happy, healthy and beautiful feet that you won’t be afraid to bare at any time.

Because these products come in an attractive bag, they also make the perfect gift to your loved ones, who will surely appreciate such a thoughtful token from you.

Foot treatments have recently been becoming quite popular in salons all over the world. In addition to the regular pedicures that have always been offered in beauty parlors, there are now foot spas, foot soaks, foot massage, and all sorts of other foot treatments. These treatments sure are relaxing and soothing but they can also be rather expensive, which is why people only avail of them on occasion.

But what would you say if you were given the opportunity to enjoy an equally relaxing foot treatment every single day at a small fraction of the salon price? Frankly, you would be crazy to pass up on such an opportunity, which is why you absolutely have to try the Happy Feet Gift Bag offered by Soap Workshop.

This amazing gift bag includes a unique soap that has crushed pumice, which is perfect for giving yourself a foot spa at home. You just have to rub the soap onto the roughed parts of your skin and the pumice will make sure to eliminate your dead skin cells, making the skin of your foot as soft as a baby’s.

Afterwards, you can pamper your feet even further by applying the foot cream that also comes with the gift bag. This foot cream is made of virgin olive oil and beeswax. It will not only soften your feet but also protects your soles and keeps it smelling fresh long after your bath.

Happy Feet Gift Bag is the perfect product that you can use if you want to have feet that look good, smell good, and feel good at all times.

The Best Shampoo for Patients with Psoriasis

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There are a number of shampoos for patients with psoriasis. It is difficult to determine which shampoo will work the best for each person. It is wise to switch between a coal tar and non-coal tar based shampoo for patients with psoriasis, as the psoriasis will grow immune to one constant treatment. Some of the strongest shampoos on the market offer the option to purchase in coal tar and non-coal tar treatments. Instead, use a mild shampoo with sea salt, it works perfectly as a good psoriasis shampoo, look after the name “tr hovedbund.”

Tar Based Shampoos

Almost every shampoo for patients with psoriasis includes tar. The tar penetrates and reduces the amount of built up skin cells, which reduces the look of the psoriasis. It also reduces the itching, which will keep the skin healthy. Tar has been used for decades to treat psoriasis, which is why it is still used in shampoo for patients with psoriasis today. The tar is sticky and gross, but still remains one of the most effective methods of treatment. The tar is made from wood or coal, which is why patients have the option between coal or non-coal tar shampoos.


The shampoo for patients with psoriasis is sometimes accompanied with a conditioner or hair softener. As the tar shampoo is filled with additives and other ingredients, it will dry out the hair and create an issue for the hair strands. This shampoo is geared toward treating the scalp, not the hair. Therefore, it will destroy the hair strand. Some companies include conditioners in the shampoo bottle while others include a separate conditioner bottle with purchase. A third option is to mix and match; buy a shampoo that works and a separate conditioner that will rebuild the hair.

Gels and Naturals

While tar is among the most natural treatment, it is still sticky, smelly and stains fabrics. Many shampoo for patients with psoriasis companies have turned to organics or gels for customers. The gels can be applied directly to the scalp, essentially bypassing the hair. Organics, such as tea tree shampoos, don’t smell as strong as the regular tar based shampoos. A shampoo for patients with psoriasis will still stain fabrics, so it is wise to wrap the head during treatment. However, organics and gels aim to help reduce the mess and stress of using these shampoos.

Why using the shampoo tr hovedbund ? Because it is good against itchy scalp?

Today, psoriasis on the head is a common issue. The medical experts and scientists are trying hard to identify the modern reasons and causes in order to find the suitable options to control this nasty infection. In fact, it is a type of infection that creates severe problems for the skin on head. Protecting your scalp is the only effort to avoid the psoriasis on the head. In most of the cases the skin specialists suggest the shampoos for this infection. As a matter of fact, scalp is a part of body covered with the hairs so it is very difficult to apply the lotions and creams. Using shampoo called tr hovedbund is the best solution. How it gives better control? Let’s see the amazing features of this product.

First of all, we will talk about the customers who have used this shampoo. They always return with the positive feedbacks and ideas about the Ls shampoo.

Find The Best Treatment for Dry And Damaged Hair


If you have a look in your local store you will find plenty of shampoos that are especially formulated for dry hair. To treat dry frizzy hair and adry scalp youwant to buy the right shampoo with natural ingredients that will help you moisture your hair. However,how do you find the best shampoo to treat your hair problems among all of the available products? Here are a few pointers you may find useful in your search for the appropriate product or treatment:

Causes of Dry Hair

You can only treat dry hair when you know the root cause. Damaged hair often turns into dry hair and this can come about as a result of using a shampoo that contains a lot of detergent. Hair is affected by cold weather, chemicals and heat. If you use lots of heat to style or dry your hair it will cause the keratin levels to drop. In that case, you will have to use a keratin treatment to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. In addition, many people believe that it is good to wash your hair every day but this is not true at all. A daily shampoo can cause untold damage to your hair and your lovely locks may become frizzy and dry.

Treating Dry Hair

The type of shampoo you use makes a lot of difference to the condition of your hair. Let’s look at the basics. Every shampoo is made using two essential ingredients. These two vital ingredients are conditioner and cleanser. Varying amounts of each ingredient are used in different types of shampoo. Those who have fragile, fine hair should try not to use shampoo that contains a lot of conditioner as it will weigh the hair down. On the other hand people with thick hair will benefit from using shampoo that contains plenty of cleanser and conditioner.

Dry and damaged hair can look unattractive but there are a number of remedies for this problem. One of them is the use of keratin shampoos and treatments. Keratin treatment is good for treating dry hair especially if it has been damaged by chemicals (for example hair dyes contain many harmful chemicals). Coconut oil is a useful hair care product to treat many different hair issues. It has natural moisturizing properties that will help your hair to retain its moisture and gloss during colder weather and t is one of the most effective natural hair products you can find. In addition, Nioxin shampoo is also a good shampoo for dry hair as it generally contains an ideal amount of conditioner.

Basic Rules to Treat Dry Hair

  • Avoid using a lot of heat when drying or styling your hair.
  • Wash your hair two or three times a week to keep it in good condition.
  • Try using a dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner or apply some natural oils to keep your hair bouncy and shiny.
  • Avoid dry hair by learning more about natural hair care and buy sulfate-free shampoo or organic shampoo.

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Natural Bath Products



There is nothing more soothing after a long day’s work than a nice, hot bath in the evening or a cool bath in the morning to perk you up at work. Whether you’re trying to remedy some body aches and sores or you’re simply bent on making your skin look younger and beautiful, natural bath products would be your best choice to de-stress, look younger, feel younger and keep up with your beauty regimen without jeopardizing your health. So why go natural on your bath products? Here are some basics for you to start.

A Not-So-Common Bath

Today’s fast paced economy calls for relaxation after a long and tiring day. Admit it or not, a lot of people are embracing the idea of beauty and at the same time leisure and entertainment. A soothing bath is worth splurging for and it’s basically something that everyone would love doing. Bath salts and similar bath products are getting more and more popularity today and that’s because people are looking for easier ways to loosen up and refresh themselves. So if you have those chemical bath products and you’re using them right now, you might change your mind and go natural after reading this one.

The power of bath salts

We all love a good soak. And the perfect bath time would include bath salts that are either aromatic, therapeutic or both. Bath salts has been known to improve blood circulation and not just promote relaxation among your tired muscles and aching joints. Tensed? Essential oils and aromatherapy bath products are good to ease your stress, anxiety and tension. If you have the problem of those dead skins clinging to you or rashes caused by dust and daily toxins, you’re in for a very good news: bath salts can ease those rashes and help you exfoliate for a fresher and better skin too.

Going natural

There are a lot of bath products meant to beautify your skin and relax you. But most of the time, they’re either chemically engineered and might prove harmful especially for a sensitive skin. Natural bath products on the other hand are a perfect choice even for those who have sensitive skin. Natural means natural and that means you have more essential and natural oils to thank for your fresh looking and moisturized skin. While commercial products are a matter of what works best for you or not, natural bath products are perfect for every skin type. They’re not chemically modified and have lesser side effects if there are any at all. Besides, you sure don’t want your skin to suffer from redness or rashes because of irritation right? And you can only do that by harnessing nature’s gift and power. So if you want to live healthy and enjoy a day or night of relaxation, soak yourself in a tub filled with natural bath salts and your skin will not just thank you, your mind and body will thank you from de-stressing too.

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