Making the Most of your Natural Pumice Stone

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The use of a natural pumice lava rock on your skin seems ludicrous; however, it can be one of the best tools to get rid of dry, dead skin on your feet, heels, or other places where calluses are formed.  The application of a pumice stone has been used for ages, and is still used regularly by many people.  The cost of a pumice stone can be expensive; however, it is worth it.  Unless you have access to a lava bed some where nearby, your best bet is to buy it from a natural store.

Pumice is a stone that is light brown or gray in color, and full of holes.  It is light, hard, and has many uses.  There are various shades of color of pumice rocks, the lighter the color the higher the amount of silica that is in it.  Pumice is created by volcanoes.  These rocks are formed when magma changes water to steam.  The molecules don’t have time to shape and end up making pumice.

The uses of this special type of rock are effective in getting rid of dead skin. The effective way to use a pumice stone on your skin is first remember, it is a rock, and it is rough, you must be gentle, but firm when applying it to your skin.  Be especially careful on more sensitive areas of the skin.  Calloused feet or other areas of the feet are the best use of the pumice stone.  Once applied correctly, it will result in soft skin free of dead dry skin.

To use the stone, your skin must be wet, and used while in a bath tub or shower.  Soak your feet for a minimum of five minutes, then use he pumice stone over your heels, or the balls of your feet.  The key is to rub softly back and forth, firm, but don’t rub too hard.  This will take off layers of rough and dry skin.  Depending on how rough your skin is, it may take more than one use.  After the skin is exfoliated and smooth, be sure and use natural lotion or Vaseline on your feet, and cover them with a sock all night.  In the morning, your feet will be soft, clean, and almost like new.  The skin will be vibrant and silky.  Repeat when necessary.

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