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Find The Best Treatment for Dry And Damaged Hair


If you have a look in your local store you will find plenty of shampoos that are especially formulated for dry hair. To treat dry frizzy hair and adry scalp youwant to buy the right shampoo with natural ingredients that will help you moisture your hair. However,how do you find the best shampoo to treat your hair problems among all of the available products? Here are a few pointers you may find useful in your search for the appropriate product or treatment:

Causes of Dry Hair

You can only treat dry hair when you know the root cause. Damaged hair often turns into dry hair and this can come about as a result of using a shampoo that contains a lot of detergent. Hair is affected by cold weather, chemicals and heat. If you use lots of heat to style or dry your hair it will cause the keratin levels to drop. In that case, you will have to use a keratin treatment to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. In addition, many people believe that it is good to wash your hair every day but this is not true at all. A daily shampoo can cause untold damage to your hair and your lovely locks may become frizzy and dry.

Treating Dry Hair

The type of shampoo you use makes a lot of difference to the condition of your hair. Let’s look at the basics. Every shampoo is made using two essential ingredients. These two vital ingredients are conditioner and cleanser. Varying amounts of each ingredient are used in different types of shampoo. Those who have fragile, fine hair should try not to use shampoo that contains a lot of conditioner as it will weigh the hair down. On the other hand people with thick hair will benefit from using shampoo that contains plenty of cleanser and conditioner.

Dry and damaged hair can look unattractive but there are a number of remedies for this problem. One of them is the use of keratin shampoos and treatments. Keratin treatment is good for treating dry hair especially if it has been damaged by chemicals (for example hair dyes contain many harmful chemicals). Coconut oil is a useful hair care product to treat many different hair issues. It has natural moisturizing properties that will help your hair to retain its moisture and gloss during colder weather and t is one of the most effective natural hair products you can find. In addition, Nioxin shampoo is also a good shampoo for dry hair as it generally contains an ideal amount of conditioner.

Basic Rules to Treat Dry Hair

  • Avoid using a lot of heat when drying or styling your hair.
  • Wash your hair two or three times a week to keep it in good condition.
  • Try using a dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner or apply some natural oils to keep your hair bouncy and shiny.
  • Avoid dry hair by learning more about natural hair care and buy sulfate-free shampoo or organic shampoo.

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Proper Use of Beauty Supply Shampoo


If you want the same results you get at the salon then you are going to have to use the same products in the same way as the stylists do. Buying the right shampoo is only half the battle, you have to use it correctly or else the results will be different. Stores that specialize in beauty supply in Santa Monica will have the products you have always wanted at prices you can afford. Once you get it home, follow these simple steps to ensure you are using it properly.

Scalp Massage

Most men and women enjoy getting their hair washed. It feels so good to have your scalp scrubbed and all the oil, dirt and dead skin washed away. This deep cleansing is the most important part of any shampooing. If you’re washing your hair at home then you should apply the same vigor as your stylist. Use your finger pads, not the tips or nails to massage. This will encourage the follicles to open up and allow hair to grow. The next most important step to a good shampooing is completely rinsing away all of the suds and shampoo. Leaving even a little bit behind can affect the way your hair reacts to a flat iron or blow dryer. It can also lead to unsightly flakes as the shampoo dries and falls away from the hair.

Quarter-sized Amount

Read the label on the shampoo to determine how much you should be using on your hair. Most bottles tell you to use a quarter-sized amount for medium length hair. If you have shorter hair, you’ll want to reduce that to a dime-sized amount and if you have much longer hair, you may want to increase it. You’ll have to judge for yourself. If you notice that you’ve got buildup and your hair lays limp then you should decrease the amount of shampoo you are using. Or, you can decrease the number of times you shampoo your hair in a week. It is generally recommended that you shampoo your hair once every other day. There’s no need to repeat once you lather and rinse. Too much shampoo can create a lather that is harder to work into the scalp and decrease the shampoo’s effectiveness.

It Works!

There are some myths about shampoo that should be corrected. Your hair doesn’t get used to a shampoo and accommodate or change for it. You hair does change with the change of the seasons. It can become dryer in the winter cold and retain more moisture in the summer heat. This can account for the changes in your styling routine or look. Instead of tossing the shampoo bottle, save it for when Old Man Winter comes around again. Also, shampoo won’t permanently change your hair. You hair will remain long and strong for the duration of your shampoo usage but don’t expect the results to stay if you change brands. You can ask the clerk at the beauty supply in Santa Monica if they have special shampoo for blondes who tend to yellow. Because blonde hair becomes porous when it’s bleached it can absorb yellowing agents in the air like cigarette smoke and pollution. A good shampoo will be able to clean these out and help blonde hair stay brighter, longer.

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