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Natural Bath Products



There is nothing more soothing after a long day’s work than a nice, hot bath in the evening or a cool bath in the morning to perk you up at work. Whether you’re trying to remedy some body aches and sores or you’re simply bent on making your skin look younger and beautiful, natural bath products would be your best choice to de-stress, look younger, feel younger and keep up with your beauty regimen without jeopardizing your health. So why go natural on your bath products? Here are some basics for you to start.

A Not-So-Common Bath

Today’s fast paced economy calls for relaxation after a long and tiring day. Admit it or not, a lot of people are embracing the idea of beauty and at the same time leisure and entertainment. A soothing bath is worth splurging for and it’s basically something that everyone would love doing. Bath salts and similar bath products are getting more and more popularity today and that’s because people are looking for easier ways to loosen up and refresh themselves. So if you have those chemical bath products and you’re using them right now, you might change your mind and go natural after reading this one.

The power of bath salts

We all love a good soak. And the perfect bath time would include bath salts that are either aromatic, therapeutic or both. Bath salts has been known to improve blood circulation and not just promote relaxation among your tired muscles and aching joints. Tensed? Essential oils and aromatherapy bath products are good to ease your stress, anxiety and tension. If you have the problem of those dead skins clinging to you or rashes caused by dust and daily toxins, you’re in for a very good news: bath salts can ease those rashes and help you exfoliate for a fresher and better skin too.

Going natural

There are a lot of bath products meant to beautify your skin and relax you. But most of the time, they’re either chemically engineered and might prove harmful especially for a sensitive skin. Natural bath products on the other hand are a perfect choice even for those who have sensitive skin. Natural means natural and that means you have more essential and natural oils to thank for your fresh looking and moisturized skin. While commercial products are a matter of what works best for you or not, natural bath products are perfect for every skin type. They’re not chemically modified and have lesser side effects if there are any at all. Besides, you sure don’t want your skin to suffer from redness or rashes because of irritation right? And you can only do that by harnessing nature’s gift and power. So if you want to live healthy and enjoy a day or night of relaxation, soak yourself in a tub filled with natural bath salts and your skin will not just thank you, your mind and body will thank you from de-stressing too.

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Why I Choose All Natural Bath Soaps

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I first tried natural bath soap a few years ago, when my wife introduced them to me. I always had used store bought soaps, without thinking about it. They always left my skin feeling dry, and flaky at times, but I didn’t know better. Most were the cheap soaps, bought at the local grocery store, that do not have much of a scent, or even are unscented. It got me clean, but what I didn’t realize was the chemicals I was putting on my skin, damaging my skin. These soaps were clogging my pores, taking away moisture, causing my skin to be dry and irritated. My wife had a friend who gave us a sample of her natural soap. I had never felt a better soap that worked so well on my skin.

Natural soap bars are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. They do not contain chemical additives like commercial soap bars which may include animal fats, alcohols, esthers (known carcinogenic), low grade oils, wax and fillers.

One of the many benefits of using a natural soap bar is that since they do not contain animal fats they cut down on the soap scum you will find in your shower and bath if you are using commercial soaps. Natural soap doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils which means your skin is left feeling softer and smoother compared to dry and itchy when using commercial bars of soap.

These natural soap bars are made with coconut, palm, sunflower, rice bran, castor and soya bean oils. They are hand crafted using the cold process method in which the ingredients are mixed at a low temperature. This process retains all of the natural goodness of the base oils and essential oils. In the saponifiaction process, large quantities of glycerin are produced. Glycerin prevents skin dryness and irritation and has incredible moisturizing properties. Commercial soap usually has the glycerin removed to make a harder bar and longer lasting soap. You can feel the difference in hand crafted homemade soap by rubbing the dry bar and feel the oils and the soft texture of the natural soaps.

Hand crafted natural soap has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. With natural hand crafted homemade soap comes exciting fragrances as the wonderful people who make this soap have the imagination commercial companies lack when it comes to making beautifully scented soap bars with new and exciting scents.

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