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The Best Shampoo for Patients with Psoriasis

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There are a number of shampoos for patients with psoriasis. It is difficult to determine which shampoo will work the best for each person. It is wise to switch between a coal tar and non-coal tar based shampoo for patients with psoriasis, as the psoriasis will grow immune to one constant treatment. Some of the strongest shampoos on the market offer the option to purchase in coal tar and non-coal tar treatments. Instead, use a mild shampoo with sea salt, it works perfectly as a good psoriasis shampoo, look after the name “tr hovedbund.”

Tar Based Shampoos

Almost every shampoo for patients with psoriasis includes tar. The tar penetrates and reduces the amount of built up skin cells, which reduces the look of the psoriasis. It also reduces the itching, which will keep the skin healthy. Tar has been used for decades to treat psoriasis, which is why it is still used in shampoo for patients with psoriasis today. The tar is sticky and gross, but still remains one of the most effective methods of treatment. The tar is made from wood or coal, which is why patients have the option between coal or non-coal tar shampoos.


The shampoo for patients with psoriasis is sometimes accompanied with a conditioner or hair softener. As the tar shampoo is filled with additives and other ingredients, it will dry out the hair and create an issue for the hair strands. This shampoo is geared toward treating the scalp, not the hair. Therefore, it will destroy the hair strand. Some companies include conditioners in the shampoo bottle while others include a separate conditioner bottle with purchase. A third option is to mix and match; buy a shampoo that works and a separate conditioner that will rebuild the hair.

Gels and Naturals

While tar is among the most natural treatment, it is still sticky, smelly and stains fabrics. Many shampoo for patients with psoriasis companies have turned to organics or gels for customers. The gels can be applied directly to the scalp, essentially bypassing the hair. Organics, such as tea tree shampoos, don’t smell as strong as the regular tar based shampoos. A shampoo for patients with psoriasis will still stain fabrics, so it is wise to wrap the head during treatment. However, organics and gels aim to help reduce the mess and stress of using these shampoos.

Why using the shampoo tr hovedbund ? Because it is good against itchy scalp?

Today, psoriasis on the head is a common issue. The medical experts and scientists are trying hard to identify the modern reasons and causes in order to find the suitable options to control this nasty infection. In fact, it is a type of infection that creates severe problems for the skin on head. Protecting your scalp is the only effort to avoid the psoriasis on the head. In most of the cases the skin specialists suggest the shampoos for this infection. As a matter of fact, scalp is a part of body covered with the hairs so it is very difficult to apply the lotions and creams. Using shampoo called tr hovedbund is the best solution. How it gives better control? Let’s see the amazing features of this product.

First of all, we will talk about the customers who have used this shampoo. They always return with the positive feedbacks and ideas about the Ls shampoo.

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