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Treat Yourself with a Well Deserved Hair Spa Treatment At Home

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One of the most difficult things to do every single day is taking care of our hair. This is because our hair is inevitably going to be exposed to heat, dust, dirt, chemicals, and many other types of pollution. A day of stress will always call for a time of relaxation, so why not use a hair spa to receive the best pampering possible for your hair. Not only will this help your hair reach its natural state again, it will also be less costly if you are going to have the ability to do this hair spa treatment at home.

The Advantages a Hair Spa Offers

What is possibly the single most significant benefit of a hair spa treatment is that your hair follicles are going to be much stronger afterwards with the proper conditioning than they were previously. This type of treatment penetrates the root of the hair and helps to promote hair growth. The conditioning process that we use helps to control the oil that our scalp makes, and to help prevent dryness of the scalp. Our hair is exposed to many different impurities each day when we are outside. This is why cleaning the hair via a hair spa treatment is great, and the reason that rejuvenating your hair is so important.

The best way to solve any dandruff or hair loss problems are a hair spa treatment. These issues can be caused by things like stress, conditions in climate, changes in climate, changes in hormones, and by not maintaining our hair correctly. While a hair spa will definitely not fix everything, it does help nourish and thicken the hair in a healthy and natural way.

The world that we live in has many stressful conditions such as working, family problems, and even health and financial problems. These types of things lead to the stress of the mind, which in turn happens to be the main problem with hair issues. Being able to take advantage of beauty tips can help you in more ways than just with your hair; it can help your body and mind.

Try a Hair Spa at Home

The services that you are paying for at a regular spa are no doubt very expensive. These are things like treatments, styles, and even manicures. Instead of using the spa you normally go to, try going home and duplicating these treatments. You can easily massage your scalp with oils for about 20 minutes, steam your hair, wrap it, and then wash it out and apply your favourite conditioner. Pair this with a hair mask that contains pure coconut oil and the whites of two eggs, which will strengthen the hair follicles, and you will experience satisfying results.

Pamper Your Husband with New Shaving Soap

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There are many ways to make the mundane tasks of life seem a little nicer. You can purchase a pair of nicely designed dish gloves to ease the pain of doing the dishes; you can get a nice smelling fabric softener to make the chore of washing, drying, and folding clothes a little sweeter; you can put on some loud music to make your dusting go faster. The same goes for helping your family, that is why you are going to brighten your husbands day and help make the mundane task of daily shaving a little nicer by purchasing a new razor, a shaving brush, and shaving soap.

Lather it Up

It is important to lather up before a shave. By using a high quality badger brush and hot water, you can create a great lather with the soap. The brush and lather go together, they work like a team to soften up the facial hair to ready it for shaving. The lather and brush will also dislodge the ingrown hairs that may be trying to burrow under the skin, and it creates a nice exfoliation as well. You can’t achieve the lather without a good brush and soaps. You did have a hard time deciding which kind of potential lather to get your husband; they have beautiful wooden bowls with a choice of no scent, sandalwood essential oil, lemon essential oil, or lavender essential oils. The beauty of the wood bowl is that once the product has been used up, a replacement can be bought without buying a whole new bowl.

Razors Galore

To go along with the lathering tools, you went old school and got your husband a straight razor. Now, you aren’t even sure if your husband is skilled in the straight razor area. He will figure it out though, he’s pretty sharp (pun intended). The straight razor has been around for centuries and it started with sharpened shells or rocks. It evolved over the years and is a symbol of manliness. You also had the choice of purchasing a safety razor complete with replaceable razors, a fusion razor, and an electric razor as well. Any of the razors available would have been great, but you like the idea of watching your man lather up and shave with a straight razor.


Getting a good lather and a close shave is important, but you can’t stop there. It is like cooking a beautiful birthday cake but not frosting it. In addition to the razor and shaving soap you also purchased some soothing after-shave balm. This product will refresh your husbands skin and also rehydrate it. The wonderful thing is it does not include any alcohol or antiseptics which dries out the skin. You know that your husband will enjoy the gift, and you are happy knowing that a mundane task will be changed into something he enjoys because of the products you were able to purchase for him. It doesn’t hurt that you will enjoy the manliness of his new shaving equipment as well.

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